Raptor, Father & Son Project

24 / 02 / 2021

This 72 VW Baja Bug that had been sitting in a barn for at least 10 years. Chad T. from Northern Pennsylvania decided this would be his first father & son project with his 12 year old son. They did everything on their own in their small 2 car garage & had a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

This summer will be the first time hitting the local car shows. Everywhere we go in it, people love the RAPTOR Liner Coating. They run their finger nails over it expecting it to be rubbery but it surprises everyone.

Chad’s TechTip

Get a knife and small paint brush! Once the bottle is empty, we cut it open and there is still about 1/2 centimeter of raptor in the bottom of the bottle. Use the brush to touch up hard to spray areas- (hinges, door jams, etc.).

Inapoi la toate