Vopsire JANTE cu Raptor

#1: Remove the wheel from the vehicle.
#2: Use a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the wheel. Remove all dirt, grime and break dust from both sides.
#3: Remove any wheel weights attached to the wheel.
#4: Tape valve stems so they don’t get caught with Raptor in the application process.
#5: Degrease to remove any road tar, contaminants and oil residues.
#6: Sand with 180-220 grit sand paper and a red scuff pad, getting down to OEM.
#7: Use a red scuff pad to get into all contour areas of the wheel.
#8: Blow off and reclean with degreaser.
#9: Use small 2″ pieces of tape to mask off tyre and protect it from overpsray. Continue the masking process around the outside edges of the wheel.
#10: For corrosion protection and additional adhesion, use a primer. We recommend 2 coats of Raptor 2K Epoxy Primer (REP/AL), Raptor Acid Etch Primer (RPTEP/AL) or U-POL Acid Etch Primer (ACID/AL). Cover any area where bare metal has been exposed.
#11: Apply a 1st coat of Raptor @ 4 bar and about 32″ from the surface.
#12: Apply the 2nd coat at 45° angle, opposite from the 1st spray.

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